SW Specialist, Computer Vision and Deep-Learning

Thirdeye Systems is a world leader in autonomous Robots, UAVs, and sedentary systems. We specialize in advanced computer vision and AI applications and its integration into field-deployed systems. We are the number one supplier of this kind of technology to the industry in Israel, with many successful products and projects. We are looking for top-class software engineer for the position of Advanced Computer Vision specialist for semi-/fully autonomous systems. In this position you will need to lead the development of cutting-edge products, algorithms, applications and tools and deploy them into products that go immediately to field-testing.

3+ years experience in developing algorithms and concepts in computer vision

5+ years in writing code

Highly intelligent, delivery driven, meticulous with strong interpersonal skills

Strong hands-on software engineering with Python

Hands-on experience with DL Python Tensorflow 1.x, 2.x

Hands-on experience with deep-learning inference on various target HW (e.g., CPU, GPU, TPU or ASIC) and inference optimizations (e.g., quantization)

Experience with DL models across multiple domains (e.g., computer vision, NLP, recommendation systems, text, speech)

Hands-on experience with C/C++ is big advantage

Hands-on experience with Object Detection API is advantage

Hands-on experience with real-time or embedded systems


Bachelor degree in computer science/engineering or other relevant training/experience

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