Advanced Technology

In the last decade we have been teaching and nurturing our private deep neural network engine with millions of segments and it’s now one of the most advanced databases in the world, enabling our unique payloads performing On-The-Move analytics in various layer that works simultaneously and presenting the most accurate and advanced object recognition in real time. 

Our Specialties

We’re a leading provider of edge computing analytics that runs on all of the visibility spectrum. Our algorithm is state-of-the-art and enables our special Electro Optic devices recognition abilities whilst analyzing augmented data from various sources.
As we accomplished the unbelievable task of enabling the robotic platform to see and understand we managed to create abilities on those to do meaningful tasks, hence we emphasize our goal- human as decision maker, not observer.
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* Compatible with DJI SDK connector – used as plug and play.

Chimera payload use state-of-the-art advanced object recognition
analytics on a high-end.
day and night system incorporating an uncooled LWIR thermal imager
and HD day EO camera in a compact lightweight package. The Chimera analytics runs on-board in real-time allowing automatic recognition and coordinate extraction of humans,
vehicles or fire, while flying.
The Chimera can operate in a completely autonomous
mode or semi-autonomous, increasing user’s situational awareness.


The Meduza is an electro-optical scanning system dedicated for drone recognition. It use state-of-the-art analytics on-board, in real-time, allowing very fast scanning mode.
The Meduza can replace radar (up to 1.5km) systems or operate as a complementary system to long range detection systems, radar or RF (up to 4km).
The Meduza is completely passive, man-portable, and operates even against complex
backgrounds in the below horizon scene. It is already integrated with advanced Counter UAV systems worldwide.


The Meduza S is an optical radar created to add the accuracy for anti drone system. Enslaved to a radar or RF system, not only its eliminate false alaram, its managing the whole process from slight indication, verification to tracking the drones in the air. The Meduza S is an embedded system with cutting edge processing abilities , based on ATR , VMD and fusion between the sensors will guarantee immediate, possiditive detection without human involvment


Analytics enhancement for cooled and uncooled payload.
The Tesseract will upgrade any payload from passive operated observation device to state-of-the-art drone detection payload by enable it to detect, recognize and track drones in the sky.
All done by our powerful unique algorithm.


State of the art detection and classification AI algorithm The “Jewel of the Crown” – utilizing ThirdEye’s unique expertise in both data science and electro-optical engineering Enables high-end object classification and recognition using deep neural network algorithms Analytics as a Product – runs on 3rd party EO/IR systems. Serves as a real time brain for Command and Control (C&C) systems, coordinating multiple sensors, robots in both aerial and ground. Enable the user to conduct multiple systems and scenarios, seamless C&C for various tasks- facility management, C-UAV system, aerial auto mission and more.


aEye allows drones to perform fully functional patrol tasks, from takeoff to precise landing, using autonomous human detection capabilities and cloud-based AI – with our Chimera payload. aEye can integrate with Command and Control software’s, in order to autonomously fly towards fence alerts, radar alerts and other sensors, while scanning from above. More than 1,000,000m2 [150 football fields] of area scan in a single flight.


Designed for the harshest conditions, GoIR supplies you with excellent thermal image quality when you need it the most, ruggedized and flexible for outdoor extreme activities. 

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