Israeli Settlement To Become First To Use Drone To Thwart Terror

“We are going to have this drone in our own yard in case we do have any other terrorists who want to come into Efrat."

Removing the human element from autonomous commercial drones

Since the industrial revolution, economic advancement has been achieved by increasing efficiency and reducing human labor through greater mechanical autonomy driven by technological innovation.

Start-Up Week: Meet 3rdEye (Hebrew)

Ocean 11 פוגש את הרובוטריקים. רוב הזמן עובדים בנפרד וכל אחד אחראי על התחום שלו, עד שאנחנו מאחדים יכולות ליצירת רובוט-על במאמץ משותף לטובת המטרה המרכזית, כשכל האלמנטים באים לידי ביטוי במכונת הפיתוח המופלאה של 3rdEye.

ThirdEye introduces autonomous drones priced for consumers (VIDEO)

You’re a fire chief and you’ve been summoned to a large blazing residential building. Most of the residents have escaped but you need to scour the building, floor by floor, to make sure no one is left inside. You’re short on manpower and you need everything you’ve got to fight the fire, plus the halls of the building are thick with smoke.
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