An Israeli platform was revealed to locate drones (Hebrew)

פלטפורמה נישאת חדשה לאיתור פסיבי של רחפנים, בשם "מדוזה", נחשפה על ידי חברה ישראלית. טכנולוגיה פורצת דרך זו בתחום שלנו של ביטחון המולדת (HLS) פותחה על ידי ThirdEye Systems, המתמחה במערכות אבטחה רובוטיות. ניתן להתקין את המדוזה, המבוססת על אלגוריתמים של ראיית מחשב תרמית בזמן אמת במהלך טיסה, כיחידה נפרדת או כמערכת משלימה למערכות איתור בעלות טווח ארוך. בניגוד למכ"ם, היא יכולה לאתר רחפנים הטסים בגובה נמוך, גם על רקע מורכב.

Eurosatory 2018: Thirdeye Systems Presents Meduza & aEYE

ThirdEye Systems Ltd. presents its passive drone detection platform, MEDUZA, for the first time at Eurosatory 2018. Based on on-the-fly, real-time thermal computer vision algorithms, MEDUZA can be installed as a stand-alone unit or as a complementary system to long-range detection systems. Unlike radar, it can detect drones low on the horizon, even against a complex background. The man-portable platform is already integrated with hard-kill systems, so it can shoot down any drone it detects.

Eurosatory 2018: ThirdEye Systems to Reveal Meduza – Passive Drone Detection Platform

ThirdEye Systems, an Israeli innovator in the field of robotic security systems, will present its man-portable passive drone detection platform, Meduza, for the first time at Eurosatory 2018 show.

ThirdEye Systems Drone to prevent infiltration’s

Founded in 2010, ThirdEye Systems Ltd. is an experienced well-known Research and Development company, specialized in high-end object recognition algorithms within the thermal spectrum, for various needs. With a strong background in both computer vision and drone control, the company’s products are in the IDF service and are successfully used by leading defense companies.

ThirdEye Systems to Present Man-Portable Passive Drone Detection Platform

ThirdEye Systems Ltd will present its passive drone detection platform, Meduza, for the first time at EUROSATORY 2018. The company will also present aEYE – a thermal analytics and classification system that enables fully autonomous missions.
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